Best Budget Projector Screen

Best Budget Projector Screen
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So, the family have been pestering you for months now; they really want to transform the living room into their very own home theatre so that you can all enjoy movie nights together from the comfort of your own sofa. Of course you want to oblige. Sounds like a fantastic idea, right? But what about the budget? Isn’t it going to be really expensive? Take up loads of room and require you to dig out the tool belt and brush up on your DIY skills? Well, not necessarily!

The great news is that with the ever rapid improvements and advancements in audio-visual technology, you really can get a budget projector screen for your home that will still come with all the features and benefits you need to ensure a fantastic cinematic home viewing experience. Let’s take a look in more detail at three possible options in this category that you should consider.

Outdoor 120-inch 16:9 Projector Screen

Big on value as well as features, this large 120-inch screen is certainly versatile and comes with lots of the enhancements you would expect from a much more expensive projector screen. If ease of use and quick assembly is your priority then this could be a great option for you and as it’s also fully portable, being light weight and compact, you might find that you use this screen for more than just your home cinema club! It makes the perfect budget screen for any public presentations or viewings you might need to host – both indoors and outdoors.

120 Inch Projector Screen outdoor Indoor Home Theater/Cinema - 16:9 Portable Projector Screen - Suitable for HDTV/Sports/Movies/Presentations Support Double Sided Projection(1 Year Warranty)


Featuring a generous 120-inch folding screen, this delivers an incredible wide angle viewing surface without compromising on the loss of any resolution, so no matter where your audience is seated, with this 160 degree viewing angle, they should still get a good, clear picture.

It comes with a Loyhero screen which is a special synthetic fiber designed to eliminate light penetration and deliver a bright and colorful experience. Easy to set-up, transport and handle, this is the perfectly portable screen that has so many versatile applications.


  • Incredible budget friendly price
  • Portable, compact and completely foldable
  • Easily transported
  • Simply and easy to operate, assemble and reassemble
  • Can be fixed with hooks, nails, rope or fastened with double sided tape


  • Can smell a little of plastic when opened but that should disappear
  • May be a little wrinkled when initially taken out of the packaging
  • No stand available


This is a truly portable 16:9 compact and light weight, budget friendly projector screen that you can literally pick up and pack so that you can project anytime, anywhere!

TaoTronics 100-inch 4:3 Projector Screen

Boasting a super-fast and easy 2-minute assembly, this premium PVC matte projector screen might be budget friendly but it’s still big on features that make it a smart choice for families who love their entertainment to be large as life.

Unlike other inexpensive screens, this is wrinkle-free so there’s no need to stretch it out for days when you first receive it or get the iron out! It can also be easily wiped clean and better still, comes with its own sturdy tripod meaning that you don’t have to worry about where and how you are going to mount this or getting the hammer and nails out to fix it up to a wall that you might end up damaging in the process.

TaoTronics TT-HP019 Projector Screen with Stand, Indoor Movie Screen 100 Inch Diagonal 4:3 with Wrinkle-Free Design (Easy to Clean, 1.1 Gain, 160° Viewing Angle & Includes a Carry Bag)


The 160-degree viewing angle, alongside the 1:1 high gain, delivers a clear and unobstructed picture wherever your audience might be sitting. The handy tripod comes with its own carry case for easy storage and transportation of your projector screen when not in use.

The screen has an impressive 6.6ft width by 5.6ft height while the tripod itself extends upwards to 2.6ft so it offers plenty of height for any domestic or public environment where you might be presenting to an audience.


  • Wrinkle free and easy clean screen surface
  • Complete with own stable tripod support stand
  • 160 degree viewing angle with 1.1 gain
  • Fast 2-minute set-up
  • Truly versatile viewing experience


  • Can’t mount to a wall so need to assemble and reassemble


What more could you need? You get the indoor/outdoor screen, a tripod support case and a handy portable carry bag making this a truly versatile and budget friendly recommendation.

Famirosa 100-inch 16:9 Projector Screen

The price is unbelievable considering that what you are getting is up to an impressive 120-inch screen surface with a 16:9 aspect ratio so that you can view your movies the way the production company intended you to watch them – full screen!

What’s more, because it easily folds up into a compact size, it’s a great option for travelling or for taking to conventions and conferences. When it comes to assembly and mounting, literally unroll your screen which already comes with designated holes, decide where you want to mount it, then just nail or hang it in place, either indoors or outdoors.

Famirosa Indoor Outdoor Portable HD Home Theater Projector Movie Screen,(100 inch 120 inch 16:9 Portable Folding Projection Screen High Brightness, Suitable for HDTV/Sports/Movies(100inch)


With its 100/120 inch 16:9 screen you are going to get a bright, clear and bold picture every time with minimal light reflection.

Incredibly portable, simply pack and fold your screen compactly away when not in use. It’s made from a flexible, foldable, but also durable material that has a fully waterproof and mildew proof coating.


  • Easy to clean, simply wipe the screen with soap and water
  • Easy to assemble with pre-prepared metal holes
  • Fabulous 16:9, 120-inch screen for a high bright picture
  • Mildew and waterproof protection coating
  • Lightweight and compact one-piece design
  • Perfect for table top set-ups


  • Can smell a little of plastic when opened but that should disappear
  • May be a little wrinkled when initially taken out of the bag


This is a great user friendly, easy assembly, fully portable budget screen that is perfect for your home theatre or for any external business meetings or conferences you may need to present at.


These are all budget friendly screens so while they certainly won’t break the bank, they should still deliver a great viewing experience. If it’s a true 16:9 movie experience that you are looking for then the Famirosa and Outdoor screens are great options and these all happen to be flexible and foldable for easy portability. If you want to have a more stable screen that you can view on a tripod with a quick pop up self-assembly and no need to bang any nails into your wall, then you can’t go wrong with the Tao-Tronics projector screen.


Deciding which projector screen is best for you really is a personal choice and will come down to three main considerations: budget, space and need for portability. For overall picture quality, ease of assembly and ability to quickly dismantle, pack up and store away, the Outdoor 120-inch 16:9 Projector Screen really offers an economical and versatile screen solution.

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