VonHaus 80’’ Projector Screen

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You’ve probably realized that a projector screen is the best way to watch all your favorite shows. It’s bigger and allows for more detail than a normal TV which gives you a less realistic viewing experience.

If you want the authentic cinema experience in your home, then consider the VonHaus 80’’ projector screen. We tested it and determined if it’s worthy of being installed in your home. After testing, it was concluded that this specific screen has most of the features today’s consumers want. Will it please you too?

We were impressed with what the screen offers. We took the liberty of highlighting the best features of this projector screen below. We know that you too will be impressed with what the VonHaus offers.

The versatility of how the screen can be used is the first surprise you’ll experience. You want a screen that offers this level of high definition colors for:
• An in-home cinema
• Live sports
• Online game playing
• Presentations

There is no doubt the VonHaus creates the perfect experience in all these circumstances.

The viewing size of the screen is 39’’× 70’’ and 80’’ diagonally. It’s the perfect size for most viewing situations. It’s large enough for you to see everything at one glance. You won’t be constantly moving your head to keep up with the action. This ensures you won’t miss background detail which is important to the storyline or gameplay.

Another great characteristic of this screen is the quality with which it displays images. You’ll be glad to watch everything in high definition.

Sometimes a projector will cause the light to glare on the screen. The VonHaus has a 1.1 gain rating for low light reflection. You will see no additional and unwanted lighting which ensure all colors contrast well.

The screen is made from a matte-white high-quality sheet with a black edging. These types of materials are best for projector screens. They also improve the contrast ratio which enhances the viewing experience.

The projector has a 16:9 aspect ratio. This is perfectly suited to the length and width of the screen. This is another good reason why you need a screen rather than a TV. With TVs the aspect ratios aren’t always suited to movie footage widths and lengths which can often result in the picture being cut off. This VonHaus projector screen won’t have this issue which makes it easier for you to enjoy the movie.

You can install the projector screen indoors or in a covered outside area. You have the options to mount it on the wall or the ceiling. The viewing experience is not compromised with either option.

The projector screen can be manually retracted or pulled down. The rolling feature extends the durability as sunlight or dust won’t cause the screen to deteriorate. You can keep the screen clean by wiping it with a damp cloth.

VonHaus 80 Inch Projector Screen - Manual Pull Down - 80' Widescreen Indoor Home Theater / Cinema Platform - 16:9 Aspect Ratio Projection Screen - Suitable For HDTV / Sport / Movie / Gaming

Features of VonHaus 80’’ Projector Screen

• Viewing size: 39’(H) ’’ × 70’’(W)
• Size: 80’’ diagonal
• 1.1 gain
• 45° viewing angle
• 16:9 aspect ratio
• Compatible with LED, LCD and DLP projectors


• The high quality of the materials used displays colors and pictures better than those from higher end projector screens
• The screen is lightweight which makes it easier for you to move it between different rooms
• Parts are easy to find for the different installation options
• All pictures or videos are displayed in great detail and in true colors
• The color brightness and clarity remain consistent no matter what time of day you are viewing


• The product doesn’t arrive with the hardware needed to mount the screen
• The fabric can be heavy for the pulling mechanism which makes it difficult for the screen to retract
• Sometimes the screen doesn’t stay down after the first pull
• The screen only has a 45° viewing angle which limits the area your audience can sit and enjoy the images


After all the testing, it was concluded that this VonHaus projector screen is perfect for your indoor cinema. The display of fine details on the big screen makes it easier for large audiences to see them too.

Other types of venues can also benefit from what the screen offers. Whether used at a company, church or school this screen will meet viewer expectations. Where color is an essential part of the presentation you’ll get a true depiction of the whole spectrum.

No matter the projector you use with the screen it’ll still present what you want with great clarity. You don’t need specialized projectors to make the screen reach its full potential.


One method of testing was comparing the VonHaus screen to another similar product. We compared this screen to the Dansung Manual Pull Down Projector Screen.

The Dansung Manual Pull Down screen is also a perfect match for homes, business, or schools. We’ll admit that the viewing angle was slightly better. The size however didn’t match that of VonHaus.

We liked the larger screen size of the VonHaus 80’’ more than the 72’’ of Dansung. Although it’s a difference of a few inches it made a huge impact on the quality of the color rendition and contrast. No matter what different projectors we used, the Dansung could not compete with the clarity of VonHaus.


One of the reasons we loved the VonHaus 80’’ projector screen was the unbeatable picture quality. You too will be impressed by its color rendering.

The smart design of the projector screen was another favorite feature. Its sleek, stylish black border makes it a perfect fit for every room it’s installed in.

The black border does more than make the screen stylish. We’ve found that when rolled down it improves the flatness of the screen, an engineer’s secret which also enhances the color contrast.

The number one reason why anyone wants a projector screen is because the size and color rendition can’t be matched by standard TVs. Everything you would want in a projector screen is present in the VonHaus.

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