VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount Review

VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount Review
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If you own a home entertainment system, you have probably realised that the finishing touches are supplied by the ancillary equipment that you have. These items can be projector speakers, stands or mounts. Depending on whether your ceiling is vaulted or not, as well on the size of the audience that will view your presentations, you might benefit from a different projector mount.

Projector mounts all have distinct features that you should become familiar with before making a purchase. To help you make the best decision, we did a detailed analysis of the VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount.

Is this the best projector mount out there for your specific needs? Let’s look at some of its particular features, advantages, and disadvantages to find out.

VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount

VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector/Projection Mount Extending Arms Mounting Bracket (MOUNT-VP01W)

VIVO was just a small company that started as a reseller of various products. Fast forward almost 15 years, and it’s now the market leader in many product categories.

They mainly focus on making high-quality office equipment, featuring impressive ergonomic designs. Their team of creative professionals regularly comes up with new ideas to make their products enhance your everyday work events or viewing experience.

The VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount is one of their biggest selling products. Its versatility makes it a superb option for any office that needs a sturdy projector mount. It can hold different devices up to 30 pounds, and it features adjustable arms that can hold all projector devices ranging in size from 2” to 12.5”.

All of the VIVO products undergo constant changes on an annual basis. Every year the company makes sure to apply new technologies and research to their products. This is done with the goal of improving customer satisfaction and the value that their products have to offer.

Who Is This Product For?

This projector mount is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a product to provide secure and stable installation for their device during presentations. Teachers, business owners or corporate executives will benefit from this.

If you don’t have enough space in your room for projector stands, just install your device on the ceiling using this mount, and you’re good to go for hosting small cinema nights for your friends and family.

However, bear in mind that this projector mount can only hold gear that weighs up to 30 pounds and 12.5″ in size. If you have a bigger and heavier device than this, you should look for a different projector mount, as this one is not the right choice for you.

So how do you know if your projector is suitable for this mount? Check the projector user handbook or call/email the manufacturer for its weight (no more than 30 pounds) Next, on the top of the projector look for its mounting holes. Measure the diagonal distance between the holes (12.5″ or less, down to a minimum of 2″) If only three mounting holes are present this is not a problem, one of the arms on the ceiling mount can be removed if needed. If your projector is within these limits you are good to go.

What’s Included?

When buying this projector mount, other than the supplied screws, screw anchors, hex tool, bolts and washers you won’t receive any additional accessories.

A great bonus is that you will receive a lifetime warranty for this product. Other projector mounts on the market only offer a few years of this, so it is a big plus.

VIVO Universal Adjustable White Ceiling Projector/Projection Mount Extending Arms Mounting Bracket (MOUNT-VP01W)
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING fitting the majority of projectors on the market. Distance between mounting holes on back of projector must be 12.5" or less
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION made entirely of high grade steel, supporting projectors up to 30 lbs
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE with 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation, hitting all the right viewing angles
  • LOW PROFILE mounting system holding your projector just 6" from the ceiling surface
  • EASY INSTALLATION with quick release hooks that attach and detach by tightening and loosening mounting bolts

Overview of Features

The design of the VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount is pretty simple. Its dimensions are 9 x 5.3 x 4.2 inches, and it weighs barely 2.5 pounds. The whole product is made of stainless steel, and you can choose to buy either it in either a black or white finish. At the top, there is a plate with four holes that are used for connecting the mount to the ceiling. When the installation is finished there is approximately 6″ of clearance beween the top of the projector and ceiling.

Connected to the base is an arm that you can use to make the necessary adjustments. It lets you manage the angles of the projector by controlling the swivel, the tilt, and the rotation of the device. Everything is held together by strong bolts, so there is no shakiness and movement during the projection.

The biggest reason why this projector mount stands above its competition is it’s range of movement. After mounting the projector, you can position the screen in nearly any direction you want. The whole setup can be rotated to 360 degrees, from left to right.

Additional angles are possible using the swivel and tilt options that are limited to 15 degrees up, down, left, and right. For most regular rooms and projection halls, this is more than enough to always maintain an ideal viewing perspective.

One thing that seems to bother customers is that you have to use the hex tool each time you want to make an adjustment. To elaborate on that, whenever you decide to change the angle of your projector, you will have to loosen the bolts. There is no real danger of damaging your projector while doing this, but it can feel insecure whilst the adjustment is going on.


In case you need more adjustability for your projections, we would like to recommend the Cheetah Mounts Universal Projector Mount. It differs from the reviewed product by two significant details.

The first one is the option to extend the pole and lower the setup further away from the ceiling. This can be useful if the canopy of a projection room is too high.

The second difference is what makes this product unique on the market. It’s specifically designed so it can fit vaulted ceilings. Not many people have this exact need, but if you’re one of them, then this projector mount is perfect for you.


The VIVO Universal Adjustable Ceiling Projector Mount is an excellent option for anyone who needs to keep their projector secure during presentations. It’s made of high-quality steel, and it feels very sturdy once mounted on the ceiling. An impressive amount of adjustments is possible, and you will never feel like there is an angle that this projector mount can’t get to.

Overall, this product is the perfect mixture of utility and strength while being affordable to everyone.

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