TouMei 84 Inch portable Projector Foldable Screen Material: PVC 16:9

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Looking for the perfect viewing setup? Do you want to enjoy your selection of entertainment or enhance business presentations? TouMei offers you the TouMei 84 Inch portable Projector Foldable Screen Material: PVC 16:9 and it provides most of what consumers are after. Will this be your solution too?

Below, we will outline specifics of this PVC screen. You’ll find TouMei makes it as easy as possible to use. The multiple hanging holes are simply one of the features that show this.

However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one option, this may not be ideal. In this model there are no stands or even a carry bag included. It’s an affordable projector screen but you’ll have to make plans for setup and safe transporting. But it’s actually designed for easy portability. The durable PVC materials can be folded up and packed as part of your luggage. You can take this anywhere!

It’s a front projection screen which limits some options, but its design makes for clear viewing pleasure to a large audience. While some screens have to be handled carefully to minimize damage this PVC surface can actually be scrubbed with soap and water when dirty. Hanging it takes care of wrinkles. These easy cleaning features allow you to use this screen for a long time even in dusty rooms.

Will the other features provide what you’re after? Let’s have a look.

84 Inch portable Projector Screen Foldable Material: PVC 16:9 Easy to Clean HD Projection Screens Suitable for KTV, meeting rooms and outdoor leisure, open-air movies by TOUMEIT

Features of TouMei 84 Inch portable Projector Foldable Screen

• 84” screen
• Manufactured with 22 hanging holes
• Hanging can be done with:
o Rope
o Tape
o Nails
o Hooks
o Tied to existing stand
• The quality of the screen allows for a wide 160° viewing angle
• Weighs 2.1lbs.
• Aspect ratio is 16:9
• The entire screen measures 73.2” x 41.2”


• Easy storage because you can fold it up to a size that’s manageable
• Washable fabric makes maintenance easy
• Multiple (22) holes allows for many hanging options
• Durable fabric with its quality viewing features is appropriate for indoor or outdoor use
• Its lightweight feature makes it easy to carry a screen to anywhere you’ll need it, such as outdoor excursions. Because of handheld and portable projectors this is becoming an increasing need which this screen helps you fulfil
• One-year warranty from manufacturer
• The light weight also makes for easier hanging and you don’t have to be concerned your screen will tear out the nails or hooks from the wall


• Folding results in creases
• No storage container is provided which can result in the screen tearing when not in use
• It doesn’t have a stand, so DIY setup is required which can result in long setup procedures
• Hanging accessories aren’t provided
• No rear projection is possible


This is the screen you want in two unique scenarios. First, it’s perfect as a permanent screen you don’t plan on taking down. It will stay in prime condition and because you can wash it, accumulated dust will never be an issue.

Second, you’ll love how easy it folds up to be stored away. This makes it ideal if your projection screen must travel with you often. You’ll be able to fold it and put it anywhere your luggage allows. At your new destination you can simply take it out and use it again. No hefty stands or containers to lug around.

If you’re planning on storing it in the cupboard for long periods, keep wrinkles in mind. Proper storage – rolled up rather than folded – is more beneficial. Unfortunately, because the TouMei screen doesn’t come with a container, it may be difficult to protect it from wear and tear.

Other than this you’ll love the screen for the multiple hanging options, durable fabric and quality viewing it facilitates. It’s also your ideal option if you’re looking for space saving options. No need to use up all your cupboard space with large containers or stands. The TouMei screen is also available in 100″, 120″ and 150″ (diagonal length) versions.

Now all you need is a portable projector too.

The screen can’t be used for rear projection, but this is a common feature among most screens of this type. You benefit because of the black fabric that backs the white front surface. This ensures your screen absorbs less light, and projects it back to the viewers. This is what enhances color and clarity.


This TouMei beats many screens in its class simply because of its many eyelets. This facilitates more hanging options and allows you to pull the screen taut which displays better images. The numerous eyelets in the TouMei allow for better screen tensioning than for example the Remoze 84” screen which only features six holes.

The Remoze is much more affordable than the TouMei, but image quality may vary and the Remoze is heavier to carry. If portability is important, you’ll still pick the TouMei.

Other features you’ll appreciate is it’s wide viewing angle and quality images. The TouMei performs better than the VIVO 100” which has a very limited viewing angle.


It’s unfortunate the manufacturer didn’t add a simple feature such as an appropriate storage/carrying container. Yes, it’s beneficial that the screen can be stored anywhere, but it’s bound to end up with creases or tears. Plan ahead to prevent frustration, such as hanging it long before it will be used so wrinkles can dissipate.

But for many other reasons we love the TouMei 84 Inch portable Projector Foldable Screen Material: PVC 16:9 screen, because it’s user friendly. Despite not being top of the range, it gives remarkable viewing quality and angle, making it appropriate for both home and business use.

In what area of your life do you need improved imagery? TouMei’s quality will be high enough to impress business colleagues because your presentation looks immaculate. And because viewers put such high value on the quality of images, TouMei ensures you’ll enjoy all the HD features you want. The TouMei is both a practical and affordable option that will be easy to maintain for years to come.

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