Pyle PRJTP52 50 Video Projector Screen Review

Pyle PRJTP52 50 Video Projector Screen Review
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Watching old movies in a projector screen with friends during the holiday season has its own charm. Whether you want a relaxing movie watching experience with your family or wish to create new memories for your kids, a good projector screen can be a good choice. If you have been looking for a small, lightweight yet durable projector screen then here’s our honest review of the Pyle PRJTP52 50 Video Projector Screen.

The PRJTP52 50 comes from the house of Pyle, a company that was established in 1960. Their home range offers a line of products and accessories that are specifically designed to enhance your overall media experience at home or outdoors. Their projectors are fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology and compatible with various devices.

The screen size is almost half the standard size. It is lightweight and perfectly designed for home or office use. It is highly portable and can be set up within minutes. The screen is made of high quality materials. The white matte screen is well built and the picture quality is absolutely stunning. We simply love the easily fold out and roll up feature which sets it apart from competitor products.

Installing the projector screen is extremely easy. You just need to pull it out and fix it in the desired place. It also comes with an auto-locking mechanism which can be used easily. The striking black border on four sides defines the picture and gives you an enhanced viewing experience.

This portable screen is gives hassle-free viewing. It is the perfect tool you can use for home, school or office. The projector screen also comes with lightweight tripod legs made from steel. It comes with a manual auto locking and pull feature to adjust the height of the screen accordingly.

The product does not come with a case to carry or store the projector screen when not in use. We really wished there was a nice and sturdy bag however you may buy one separately to go with the product.

Upgraded Pyle 50' Projector Screen with Floor Standing Portable Fold-Out Roll-Up Tripod Manual, Mobile Movie Screen, Home Theater Cinema Wedding Party Office Presentation, Quick Assembly (PRJTP52)

Features of the Pyle PRJTP52 50 Video Projector Screen

  • Measures 49.2 x 7.5 x 5 inches
  • Weighs 9.9 pounds
  • Lightweight, portable and highly durable
  • White matte fabric viewing
  • Black boundaries surrounding the viewing screen


  • The surface is matte white hence its does not reflect the light
  • Perfect size for the small business presentations
  • Well-built, made from high quality materials
  • It is easy to install, takes only a few minutes
  • Can be rolled up and taken down with ease
  • Good picture focus and alignment
  • The screen looks sturdy enough to last for many years of use
  • Very lightweight hence you can carry it with you wherever you go
  • Offers great value for money


  • The stand size is small and it cannot be adjusted
  • Does not come with a carry case


The PRJTP52 50 is a small sized projector screen measuring 50 inches diagonally. The white matte fabric is sturdy and reliable. Although it is small in size, the projector screen serves its purpose pretty well for those who are looking for a small sized display.

The screen can be easily pulled out and rolled up when not in use. Setting up the screen is a breeze and it takes just a few minutes to get it ready for a movie night or presentation.


We compared the PRJTP52 50 with competitor products in this category and found that it is not easy to find a screen of this size. Most of the brands offer screens with 100 inches or more diagonal length.

We found one projector screen by Reaper Brothers Lighting Company which measures 50 inches in length. The Reaper Brothers screen comes with adhesive hooks as it is designed to be wall mounted. We prefer the standing design and hassle free set up of the PRJTP52 50.


The Pyle PRJTP52 50 Video Projector Screen is an easy and quick to use projector screen that you can set up within minutes in the kid’s room so that they can enjoy a movie or use it at school or church. We really like the screen quality although the small size may be a constraint for some uses as it is only 50 inches diagonally.

The product comes attached with a tripod stand which is short and cannot be adjusted, which is slightly disappointing. Setting up this portable projector screen is extremely easy as you just need to pull the screen down for a captivating movie experience and roll it up when not in use.

The screen is made from good quality fabric hence it holds up really well and stays good for several uses. It does not come with a carry bag hence you will need to buy one separately. If you are looking for a small projector screen for a family function or movie nights at the backyard, this can be a great option.

It can also be used for business presentations. We feel that although small in size, the PRJTP52 50 video projector screen is capable of delivering a really good performance at a reasonable price.

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