Nierbo 120” Projector Screen Review

Nierbo 120” Projector Screen
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Projector screens come in all sizes and in a wide range of materials including synthetic fiber, canvas, white plastic and PVC. Before purchasing a projector screen, you might first want to decide why and where you are principally going to be using one. What kind of space do you want it to fill? How often are you likely to be using it? Is it important to be able to quickly and easily put it away or even transport it with you?

Make your own list and then start to do your research. There are so many options available on the market that there is definitely going to be the perfect projector screen out there to suit your own unique requirements and circumstances whether you want to transport your home into a family cinema or deliver professional outdoor presentations.

Projector Screen 120 Inch 16:9 NIERBO Portable Movies Screen HD Projection Screen for Home Indoor Outdoor


If what you are looking for is the ultimate indoor and outdoor projector screen, then the Nierbo 120 inch 16:9 screen is an excellent choice with its superb picture quality designed to deliver an awe inspiring visual experience and it’s gigantic viewing surface area.

Whether that’s watching home movies with your family and turning your usual entertainment space into an auditorium style experience, or using the screen to deliver educational seminars in a public space, you won’t be at all disappointed. This is a truly versatile screen and comes flat packed and ready to install.

The Nierbo screen works just as well for indoor or outdoor viewing and can quickly and easily be cleaned and wiped down. It’s also made from a highly durable white canvas material which means it provides a truly exceptional quality picture resolution and of course, it’s also in 16:9 aspect ratio so you can watch your Hollywood movies exactly the way there were intended to be viewed. Large and Loud!

The beauty of it being made from canvas is that should it come with any wrinkles from packing and transportation, they can be easily ironed out, giving you the perfect viewing surface, or simple stretch the canvas and leave it to stand and they should soon drop out. You can also neatly fold your screen away when you’re not watching it, rather than having a big bulky roll-up screen to contend with. This means that it really is a portable option.

We should also talk about the gain, an important consideration when it comes to the quality of your projector screen images. The higher the gain, the crisper the results and this Nierbo 120-inch screen not only has a generous viewing area, but with its 1.4 gain, it delivers a sharp and clear picture that is second to none.


This is a frameless screen and due to its size and being composed of canvas, it won’t really work with a tripod stand. It is designed to be hung and as such it comes with metal re-inforced holes so that you can use either nails, Velcro, ropes or a ball bungee to hang it. These can all be purchased separately and before hanging your screen you’re going to want to ensure that you have all your essential hanging tools easily accessible and also a second pair of hands and possibly, depending upon where you’re hanging it and how high it will be elevated, a step ladder at your disposal. It’s easy to install, though, if you are organized in advance.

Projector Screen 120 Inch 16:9 NIERBO Portable Movies Screen HD Projection Screen for Home Indoor Outdoor
  • 【FRONT AND REAR PROJECTION】It is an ideal choice for home theater movies, classroom training, conference room presentations, public display, can support front and rear projection.
  • 【THICKER MATERIAL】Compare with 10-20USD projector screen this screen has better workmanship and thicker canvas, relatively opaque.
  • 【PORTABLE TO CARRY】16:9 screen format and diagonal 120'' offers 107-1/2'' x 61-4/5'' viewing area, packaged in folded professionally, package size is 12 x10 x 3 inch portable for outdoor.
  • 【WRINKLES AND WASH】Soft white canvas material with 1.4 gain. you can wrap it around a frame tightly for some days, vertical and horizontal must be stretched by force then the wrinkles will be less or Hand-washing instead of machine wash the screen. do not use corrosive detergents. laundry dryer can be used.
  • 【WARRANTY】Lifetime warranty and friendly customer service, if any issue, avoid hassle return, replaced directly freely and delivered within 2 days or fully refunded within 30 business days. contact us thanks!


High quality white canvas material complete with black masked borders designed to provide a superior resolution and sharp viewing experience.

1.4 gain with a 16:9 screen format and diagonal measurement of a huge 120” providing you with an exceptional and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Easy installation and disassembly plus portability so you can transport it with you for both indoor and outdoor experiences.

Large and flexible enough to be used in both a home movie theater, for a conference room presentation, outdoor public displays or for educational training purposes.

It’s sun proof, moisture proof, mildew proof and being made of canvas, also environmentally friendly.

Flexible installation means that you can easily fix with your choice of nails, Velcro, ropes or a ball bungee.


  • Supports front and rear projection
  • Frameless so you can affix how and where you want
  • Portable and professionally folds
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Soft white canvas material with 1.4 gain
  • Superb, sharp picture quality


  • May come with some wrinkles which should disappear
  • Needs to be self-hung
  • Will need to two people to assemble


This is a great versatile projector screen option for both indoor and outdoor viewing that can be easily packed away and re-assembled whenever and wherever it’s required. High quality canvas construction means it’s also easy to clean and maintain so that you can always be sure of a crisp and clear picture image.


If the fact that it doesn’t come with a tripod stand puts you off and your assembly and installation skills leave a lot to be desired, then this might not be the best choice for you. Also, if you’re worried about the wrinkles potentially spoiling your viewing experience, then perhaps you should look instead at a wrinkle-free design. In that case, you could take a look at something like the TaiTronics Projector screen. It still offers a 120-degree screen but also comes in a premium matte PVC material which is wrinkle- free and can be quickly set-up on the accompanying tripod.


It’s big and bold and really packs a great viewing punch. Who can argue with 120 inches of screen surface that also delivers a 16:9 aspect picture with a crisp, clear and sharp screen resolution? The matte white viewing surface ensures that the light is perfectly and uniformly distributed to present you with an exceptional quality viewing experience that will bring your home cinematic experiences to life and breathe professionalism into any presentation you are giving.

Portable, foldable, and with the ability to wash the canvas screen down too, this is your go anywhere, truly flexible projector screen. It is the perfect cost-effective canvas projector screen.

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