Mileagea 100-Inch Projection Screen Review

Mileagea 100-Inch Projection Screen
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Technology never fails to amaze us. Although most electronic devices are becoming smaller, each time a new model is released, display screens are becoming larger. Almost certainly you have seen a lot of TV brands and models with displays that are at most 80 inches in size.

However, if you want to project films, TV shows, and sports events on screens larger than 80 inches, then you are going to need a top-quality projector screen. These screens are becoming more popular each day since they can mimic the actual size of a movie theater screen. Also, if you want a display that can be set up anywhere around the home, even in the backyard, without compromising the size of the images, then a projector screen is the perfect option.

Do take note though that to get the ultimate viewing experience, you still need to be on the lookout for a screen with a high-quality design and a number of useful features. Also, since the price is lower for the screen compared to the projector, many people assume that it’s sensible enough to invest more time in selecting the projector compared to the screen, but that is definitely far from the truth!

A well-designed screen will complement the projector and give you a truly premium experience. For that reason then, we will carefully evaluate a projector screen that is attempting to mix easy portability with excellent visual fidelity. So, read on to see if this could be the right screen for you.

Mileagea 100 inch 16:9 Projector Screen Portable Projection Screen Outdoor PVC Fabric Widescreen Home Cinema

Mileagea 100-Inch Projection Screen


  • 87 x 49 inches viewing area
  • Screen is made of strong PVC material
  • Rolls up for easy storage
  • Matt white, thick fabric surface
  • Six grommet re-inforced mounting holes
  • 1:1 Gain with a 160-degree viewing arc
  • 36 months warranty


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Very wide viewing area
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Enough viewing arc for use with larger crowds or smaller spaces
  • Clear, crisp image with outstanding color
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Can be rolled for safe and simple storage
  • Easily fastened to a range of supports
  • Risk-free purchase


  • Not ideal for permanent installations
  • No framework or legs
  • Not self-standing
  • A pretty basic design

Mileagea 100 inch 16:9 Projector Screen Portable Projection Screen Outdoor PVC Fabric Widescreen Home Cinema
  • Screen can be fastened easily with the hooks or strings on the wall, projected stably,
  • diagonal 100" offer 87" x 49" viewing area,bringing fantastic widescreen experience, feel ease with your private theater.
  • Ideal choice for home theater movie, education, conference room presentation, public display.
  • Solid PVC material can be spot cleaned (Do NOT use abrasives).Lightweight and compact one-piece design, convenient to carry
  • 36 months warranty and friendly customer service, if any issue, avoid hassle return, replaced directly freely and delivered within 2 days or fully refunded within 30 business days.

A Better Understanding of the Product

The first thing we need to point out is that the Mileagea 100-Inch Projection Screen is a product with a very basic style. This is both its greatest strength and biggest weakness, so depending on how you see this level of simplicity will ultimately help you decide if this screen could be the right one for you.

Portability and Installation

The fact that there is no any kind of built-in support means it is a very lightweight screen. Specifically, this product only has an approximate total weight of three pounds. This comes handy when you need to move it somewhere else like school or office; it can also allow you to install the product without the help of another person.

Apart from that, the installation of the Mileagea 100-Inch Projection Screen is further made easier thanks to the pre-made grommet re-inforced holes found in each corner and screen border. They have been placed to allow you to hang the screen evenly from a variety of fixing points such as nails or screws.

You can also insert a string for you to be able to hang it on walls that do not have multiple mounting points. If for some reason, you are faced with the situation where the wall does not have any fixing points, you can tape the screen onto it. Whichever you choose, the screen would remain stable as long as done properly.

As it lacks a back frame or support, and depending on how well installed it is, the projector screen might accidentally fall and since it’s important to keep projector screens clean, you may end up constantly cleaning the screen.

Image Projection and Maintenance

Cleaning the screen is easy as you can simply wipe it down with soapy or plain water. Also, rolling it up does not require a lot of skill, so you don’t have to worry about damaging it in the process. Additionally, this projection screen has a very generous 87 x 49 inches viewing area, allowing you to project images at a size that is suitable for you or your audience.

What is better is that the screen is not all about size since the surface boasts a high-quality, matte-style, white finish, which is going to create sharp images and faithfully reproduce colors. It’s also worth pointing out that this projection screen is constructed with a border frame made from PVC, so you are assured that with proper care and maintenance it will last a long time.


Every wise shopper knows for a fact that before making a final decision, they must have seen and compared multiple models. With that in mind, we have found this option from Celexon, specifically the ivolum 128“ Manual Projector Screen. Both products are made of a quality white screen that displays clear and crisp images.

From the name itself, the Celexon model is a somewhat larger screen than the one offered by Mileagea. Also, since this has an enclosure, it weighs around 26 pounds.  This projector screen is designed to be installed on the wall or ceiling.

This projection screen is of the manual pull-down type. The screen can be stopped at approximately every 4 inches to allow for different display formats. So you can pull it down to a length that is ideal for you or your audience, and then roll it back up into its storage housing when done. Definitely, this product sacrifices mobility for stability. So, your biggest deciding factor between the two is if you anticipate having to move the screen around different areas or not.


The Mileagea 100-Inch Projection Screen is no doubt a sturdy and easy-to-maintain product. Its low overall weight and lack of supporting frame all help make the screen easy to transport and store. It is a very portable screen and can be installed in a location permanently. However there is a risk of damaging the screen during removal from such an installation.

To summarize then, this is a superb screen for temporary use in an occasional setup, whether inside the office, school, at home or outdoors.

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