JaeilPLM Wrinkle-Free Portable Outdoor Projection Screen Review

JaeilPLM Wrinkle-Free Portable Outdoor Projection Screen Review
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When you want to add a dash of fun and excitement to your outdoor camping, the JaeilPLM Portable Outdoor Projection Screen is a great solution. We were really happy to find that the base is not the typical T shape that you can usually find with competitor products. This amazing outdoor projector screen has a triangular base which gives you the perfect stable platform to enjoy movie nights.

The triangular base has a rigid and strong construction which stands rock solid even in windy weather when suitably weighted. The base can be sandbagged or staked down to add more stability.

Another amazing feature of the JaeilPLM outdoor projector screen is that it is made from wrinkle free PVC fabric that comes with contrasting black backing. It features a really smooth matte surface that can be tightly stretched to prevent any wrinkles from forming. The screen is supplied rolled around a tube; compared with screens which are folded there is less creasing. When mounted correctly the screen is becomes quite taut and any creases are pulled out after a few minutes.

At 100 inches diagonal length, you will be able to watch 4K video and also enjoy HD resolution. Compared with this screen you would be wasting your time using inflatable screens with their associated air compressors and electricity generators.

Setting up this portable outdoor projector screen is easy and it can be done in just a few minutes. This projector screen makes it possible to watch special events and sports programs. So, if there’s a special soccer or football game, you can enjoy with the entire neighborhood or call your friends for a backyard party. It gives you an almost mini theater like experience.

Taking down the projector screen is as easy as assembling it. The entire unit when disassembled fits into the supplied JaeilPLM branded carry bag. The screen weighs only 13.2 lbs when disassembled, so it is portable enough to be carried to anywhere you like.

The JaeilPLM outdoor projector screen is made in South Korea and the manufacturer stands behind the product and provides a warranty.

JaeilPLM 100-Inch 2-in-1 Portable Projector Screen, Outdoor Indoor Compatible with Triangle Stand or Hanging Design Movie Projection for Home Theater, Gaming, Office

Features of the JaeilPLM Wrinkle-Free Portable Outdoor Projection Screen

  • Measures 86.6 x 78.7 x 75.2 inches
  • Weighs 13.2 pounds
  • 100 inches and 16:9 Ratio Screen for 4K projection
  • Extremely portable projector screen
  • Triangular base frame
  • Aluminum poles and fixtures
  • Can be set up in just 10 minutes
  • Two year warranty on parts and services


  • Extremely easy to assemble, takes only about 10 minutes
  • Screen is sturdy and folds perfectly without any creases
  • The projector screen holds up well even in windy weather when the base is secured or weighted
  • The size and height of the screen makes it great for a mini theatre experience
  • The quality of this product is really impressive
  • The triangular shaped base gives a lot of stability to the projector screen
  • Supplied with easy to follow instructions
  • It comes with a nylon carry bag that you can use to take the projector screen around with you
  • Made from durable materials that makes it last for really long time
  • It can be taken down easily and quickly
  • Very light to handle and easy to maintain
  • Cleaning the projector screen is pretty simple and easy
  • Customer service is in the US


  • The base has a large foot print which can be an issue if used in a small viewing area
  • No stakes supplied which may be needed to secure the base in windy weather
  • To prevent the aluminum poles from separating all the supplied cords should be used and tensioned correctly


The JaeilPLM portable outdoor projection screen measures 100 inches diagonally and so offers a really large display for a mini theatre like experience. The screen can be conveniently rolled up and out with very few wrinkles. It weighs only about 13 pounds so you can carry it with your wherever you go. The triangular base offers a solid and sturdy platform for the projector screen. The product is made in South Korea and the manufacturer stands behind its products with a two year warranty on parts and services.


We compared the JaeilPLM outdoor projector screen with the VIVO portable projector screen which falls in the same category.  Unlike the projector-screen-in-review, the VIVO projector screen is not foldable hence it is difficult to carry around. Although the competitor product costs comparatively less, the JaeilPLM outdoor projector screen is packed with more features and performs better.

Furthermore, the tripod base of the competitor projector screen is not as sturdy and stable as the one by JaeilPLM. Hence, we feel that it is worth the few extra dollars you pay for it.


We really like the build and wrinkle free design of the JaeilPLM Portable Outdoor Projection Screen. Although the triangular base adds a lot of stability to the product, it may not be able to hold up against very strong winds even when weighted. The projector screen is easy to assemble and take down. If any of the screen fastenings are lost they can be easily replaced or zip ties could be used instead. It is recommended that the tube around which the screen is rolled is retained for future use.

It is perfect to create that mini theatre experience within minutes. The product is made in South Korea, but there is customer service in the US. Overall, we feel the JaeilPLM outdoor projector screen is worth every penny you pay for it.

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