How to Adjust Projector Screen Size

How to Adjust Projector Screen Size
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It can be very challenging to get the image from your projector to fit perfectly on the projector screen. The problem may range from having the aspect ratio wrong to having a zoom problem on your image. When making presentations, it is desirable to have a full view of your PowerPoint without the dreaded bars on the sides.

You get the full experience of watching a movie on your projector screen if it fits perfectly. On the other hand, images that do not cover the whole screen, or go beyond the screen width make for the worst experience. Here is how you can adjust your projector screen size to fit the image from the projector.

Step on How to Adjust Projector Screen Size

You have to perform a few simple adjustments to ensure that your image projects correctly onto the projector screen. To adjust the projector screen size:

  • Adjust the resolution of your projector and that of your computer so that they can match
  • Adjust the projector small front mirror angle
  • Adjust the projector position

Adjusting the Projector’s Resolution

A fundamental requirement that you must ensure is correct is that the resolution of your projector and computer match. If the two resolutions do not match, the projected image will not properly fit on the projector screen.

You can simply do this by setting the projector to its optimal image resolution. You can easily find this in the manual that comes with your projector. Reset to the optimal image resolution if necessary. Whilst there is a range of other resolutions permitted, only use the optimal resolution recommended by the manufacturer. For instance, if the resolution of your projector is 1920 x 1080, set a similar resolution for your computer.

The image projected may not fit completely or appear too small to fit properly on the projector screen in two instances. One instance is that your projector screen is set to another resolution other than the optimal resolution. The other instance is the resolution of your projector and computer do not match. If you do not correct these two conditions, even with further adjustments, your image will not fit on the screen.

Adjusting the Angle of the Small Front Mirror

While adjusting the angle of the small front mirror on the projector, you should check the reflection in the small mirror and the actual image on the projector screen. For the image to fit on the projector screen, the reflection should be in the center of the small mirror.

In addition, both sides should be symmetrical. On the other hand, your projector should be at right angles to the small mirror. Once you finish adjusting the small front mirror, ensure that you secure the projector, if necessary, using straps or bolts on the platform.

You can check the manual that comes with your projector to locate the small mirror. To adjust the screen size, adjust the image so that it is smaller than the projector screen. You can move the image up or down by pushing the mirror away or towards you, respectively. Once you center the image on the screen, zoom in and out until the image entirely covers the screen.

Adjusting the Projector Position

You can adjust the size of the image on the projector screen by changing the position of your projector. This is one of the final steps in ensuring you get your screen size correct. Adjusting the position of the projector ensures that you obtain a focused image that covers the entire projector screen from top to bottom.

Use small, slow movements while observing the effect of the image on the screen. You can shift the projector platform from right to left or vice versa. This moves the image from side to side. Make the image on the screen level by tilting the projector platform. Finally, you can contract or expand the image by zooming the projector lens.


Having the correct image size on the display ensures that it is focused and covers the entire projector screen. It is undesirable to have an image that is too small or goes beyond the edges of your projector screen. It is quite easy to adjust the projector screen size.

The simplest is shifting the position of your projector or using the zoom feature to expand or contract the image on the screen. Also, ensure your image fits properly by matching the computer and projector’s resolution.

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