Gotobuy 100” Projector with Tripod Review

Gotobuy 100” Projector with Tripod
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So you and your family are complete film buffs? You like nothing better than a night in watching the latest blockbuster release with the biggest bowl of popcorn you can make! You don’t really all like cramming around the television set though and want a more sensory and absorbing experience. Something that can replicate the fun of a night out at the movie theater but without the driving or the cost of the tickets.

Well then you really should consider bringing that authentic experience directly into your home with the purchase of an HD projector. Better still, what if you could buy one that was totally adjustable and easily fit onto a tripod that was both portable and foldable, meaning that you needn’t just enjoy the cinematic experience at home? How great would that be?

Gotobuy 100' Projector 16:9 Projection Screen HD Adjustable Tripod Manual Pull-down 87' x 49' Portable Foldable Stand


Step forward the Gotobuy HD projector screen with its impressive 100-inch surface and full 16:9 capabilities. Complete with a manually adjustable tripod, this is the ultimate in user friendly and convenient home theater technology. It’s not just going to serve you well at home either. It would make a fantastic addition to a classroom, conference room or any other place where you might be required to carry out a professional style presentation.

Light weight but at the same time sturdy, it’s been manufactured and designed to last, providing an excellent high quality 16:9 format picture that you will just love seeing your favorite movies on. The 16:9 format means that it is going to be fabulous for viewing films because it will deliver the right width and height of picture that a movie was intended to be viewed at rather than on a smaller compact television screen.

Don’t worry if you are short on space and struggling to find a place to permanently mount a projector. This floor standing tripod screen is perfect for anyone who is either lacking in the DIY skills department or for whom space is at a premium.

Let’s just talk about the tripod for a minute which is included with your purchase. It couldn’t be easier to adjust, taking you from 77 inches all the way up to 92 inches in height. That should mean that wherever you have people seated, they can enjoy an unobstructed view so nobody needs to feel like they are sitting in the cheap seats! The tripod legs will provide a firm and stable base so no need to worry about your cinematic experience being rudely interrupted by a screen toppling over.

This Gotobuy projector really is a smart choice for anyone in the market for a cost effective but dependable projector screen.


Forget about getting out the tape measure, finding your drill and needing two people to mount this to the wall or ceiling. This really could not be simpler or easier to literally get out of the box and install, ready to settle down for a family evening of entertainment. Be warned though, it is big, but you are getting a 100-inch screen with a fully adjustable tripod so that’s to be expected. 

Gotobuy 100" Projector 16:9 Projection Screen HD Adjustable Tripod Manual Pull-down 87" x 49" Portable Foldable Stand
  • Materials: Matte White Screen & Plastic-Sprayed Iron Tripod
  • WIDE VIEWING ANGLE: 130 degree viewing angle ensures great projection images from different audience viewing
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Stand height can be adjusted easily from 195.6-235 cm / 77-92.5'' with the back handle
  • PORTABLE: Can be folded into a slim and compact size to carry around,folding size:92.12x5.5x3.9"(L x W x H)/238x14x10cm(L x W x H). Please note:It's very big and cannot be put into your car,truck might be appropriate. Please pay attention to the dimension and thanks for your understanding.
  • UNIVERSAL: Suitable for most LED, LCD, DLP projectors on the market


With its wide angled 130 degree viewing surface you can be sure to always get perfectly projected pictures, no matter where you might be seated. The tripod it sits on is not only safe and secure but also fully adjustable, meaning that you can increase or decrease its height depending upon where you need to locate it in your room, ensuring that everyone enjoys an unobstructed view.

What’s more, it is portable and packs down into a slim and compact carry bag so that it can easily be packed and stowed away when not in use, although it is still on the large size. With its matte white screen it provides a crisp and clear viewing surface which is also easy to clean and can be wiped down.

This screen also has black masked edging which helps to improve the delivery of the aspect ratio which will further enhance your viewing pleasure. It comes complete with pull down lock technology meaning that you can easily adjust the positioning.

There’s also no need to worry about compatibility with your projector as this is a universal projector screen that will work with most standard LED, LCD and DLP projectors currently available to purchase.


  • Easy to assemble and dismantle
  • Stows away neatly and compactly
  • Light weight and portable
  • Adjustable height tripod base
  • Universal suitability with most common projectors
  • Easy wipe clean surface
  • High quality materials to display crisp and clear colors


  • Even when folded it still has a large footprint
  • You’ll need a truck rather than a car to transport
  • The length may mean that even when collapsed it won’t be able to be stored vertically depending upon the height of your ceilings.
  • When first opened the screen does have a slight chemical smell but that disappears with continued usage


This makes a great indoors home entertainment screen but the large display and easily adjustable height mean that it’s also a great option for venues such as classrooms, conference rooms and events being held in public buildings like churches It will provide a great color experience as well as allow unrestricted viewing.


We also looked at the 100-inch portable indoor/outdoor projector from VIVO. There are lots of similar features to the Gotobuy but unfortunately it only delivers a 4:3 aspect picture and is more expensive.


When it comes to value for money, especially for the size of the screen and the quality of the picture image, this really is a winner and could not be easier to assemble. It’s super well-built and sturdy with its metal casing and really brings a sense of the big screen directly into your home.

You’ve no need to worry about compatibility with your current projector as it’s been designed to work with most LED, LCD and DLP projectors so it really is a great universal choice. It looks sleek and modern and the black bordered screen has the additional advantage of helping to improve the overall screen image. You really are not compromising on quality for the size or on picture image for the price. The Gotobuy really does represent exceptional value for money.

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