FLOVEA 84 Inch Portable Projector Screen Review

FLOVEA 84 Inch Portable Projector Screen Review
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How do you get the most out of movie watching? Did you know the screen you use is very important? This also applies to playing video games or doing your next business proposal. Luckily there are quality, easy to transport projector screens that can help you overcome a few challenges. The FLOVEA 84 Inch Portable Projector Screen is one of the best ones you’ll find.

We tested the FLOVEA screen and found it to be user friendly and of high quality.

First, you get a screen with multiple hanging holes. This enables you to hang it almost anywhere. Yes, you can use this for presentations inside or outside in the garden. With rope, nails or tape, you can quickly create a screen where you need to project images.

Already using your building’s walls for viewing? Using one of these screens is much more effective. The FLOVEA’s smooth surface enhances the quality of the images and allows for a 160° viewing angle. You can entertain or engage with bigger audiences because more people will enjoy excellent viewing.

FLOVEA manufactures a variety of screens with different viewing options. This 84” product affords a large 73.23” x 39.76” viewing area. The large area and viewing angle mean your viewers don’t have to be close to the screen to enjoy its features.

The viewing surface is manufactured from matte white material. At the back and around the edges you find black fabric which enhances image quality by limiting light penetration. The multiple layers make the screen very durable so you don’t have to fear damaging it even after setting it up numerous times.

When it’s time to pack up you can fold it and put it away. It’s advisable to rather roll it up as this will minimize creases.

Projector (White)

Features of the FLOVEA 84” Portable Projector Screen

• Multiple hanging holes with grommets in the reinforced edge
• 16:9 aspect ratio
• Compatible with most LED, LCD and DLP projectors available
• PVC composite resin material is used which is durable and washable
• Diagonal length is 84”
• 73.23” x 39.76” viewing area
• 160° viewing angle
• Only front projection enabled
• Weighs less than 3lbs.
• Screen has a gain of 1.1 – 1.2


• Crystal-clear viewing
• Light weight
• Easy storage option
• Can be washed with water and soap mixture
• User friendly
• Packing up is easy because you simply roll up the screen and store it in a tube
• Protected from damage by the provided tube
• The tube makes it a portable option for personal or business use
• Surface isn’t very reflective making for excellent viewing
• It carries a 1 year warranty
• You can hang it at any height and you’re not limited to a stand’s limited options
• The gain rating is beneficial to most situations as there won’t be too much reflection or screen areas that appear brighter than others


• The screen usually has creases upon receiving the product. These may take time to disappear and can degrade the clarity of the images
• No stand included which is problematic if you don’t have anything to hang it from
• The mounting hardware is not included. This requires customers to make their own plan and acquire accessories for proper hanging


This is an extremely practical option since it can be used to transform any area. This goes for indoor and outdoor venues. But you do need resources to help with setup such as hooks and a surface to hang it from.

Because it already has eyelets an existing frame can easily be used for this screen, which saves you the money of purchasing a new frame. If you don’t have a frame, remember you’ll have to acquire accessories to put it up such as tape or nails.

Apart from these practical challenges you’ll have a quality 84” screen giving quality images for enjoyable, clear viewing. It’s lightweight so you can easily transport it wherever you need it. Because you can wash and iron out creases it can always be kept in a clean & neat condition.

What we love most about the screen is its versatility. The size, gain and setup options all allow you to use it in many situations. You don’t have to manage features such as reflectivity or stand size. This can be the screen solution in most scenarios.


Screens on the market have to be compared in light of what you find important.

When you compare this FLOVEA model to the VIVO 100” your immediate thought is that the VIVO is better because the purchase includes a stand. The VIVO is also slightly larger. But these advantages are only relevant if that’s what you’re looking for.

If the size of your audience and usage flexibility are of more importance you’ll put the FLOVEA at the top of your list:
• Its viewing angle is much better
• The VIVO’s stand can make it difficult to setup in small spaces
• With the VIVO you’re limited to screen height according to its auto locking mechanism feature

It comes down to finding a product that matches your preferences.

Of course, price always plays a role and screens that are sold with stands included are much pricier than the FLOVEA models. Why pay for a stand if the FLOVEA already offers you quality and usage flexibility?


We love the FLOVEA 84 Inch Portable Projector Screen. It’s a practical solution for both home and office use. We like that it’s multi layered and washable. This allows you to use it for a long time without letting dust or wear and tear lower your viewing quality.

While it’s ideal to have a stand included, it’s not always the most practical answer. A single sheet is easy to transport and put up in most scenarios. Therefore this screen is worth considering.

Are you looking for an easy answer to see clear, detailed and colorful images? The FLOVEA 84” must be on your shopping list. And because this brand also has 100”, 120” and 150” sizes on the market you’ll find a FLOVEA solution even if your requirements are unique.

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