Celexon Tripod Projector Screen Review

Celexon Tripod Projector Screen Review
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If you want to enjoy a cinema experience right at home, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot. There are many budget friendly projector screens available in the market, and one that catches our attention is the Celexon Tripod Projector Screen. Let’s do a detailed review of this model to find out whether or not it meets our expectations.

This lightweight and compact projector screen comes from the house of Celexon, a brand that has established its reputation by consistently delivering high quality products. When you look at the screen, you will be impressed by its incredible feel and look. Touch the screen with your fingers and you can tell that it is made from good quality materials. The manufacturer has not compromised with the construction quality to keep the price low.

At this price, it is really tough to find a mobile presentation and cinema solution hence this one came as a pleasant surprise for less than $100.

The screen is not too big or too small. It’s just about perfect to create that home theatre experience or use it for business presentation in office. The white matte surface is made from robust fiberglass fabric. It comes with black borders on all four sides that gives the screen a neat and classy look. It defines the entire screen and makes movie watching more enjoyable.

The projector screen comes with tripod legs and four spring loaded rods to create just the right amount of tension to keep the screen firm. The fabric is held perfectly to provide the best viewing experience.

Installing the screen is easy and it takes just about 3 minutes to set up everything. As it’s extremely lightweight, you may do it yourself, however if you are doing it for the first time then make sure you read the instructions.

Taking care of this screen is easy. If it gets dirty, you simply need to clean it with a gentle soap and water. The back side of the screen is black which prevents light penetration and thus you get better quality images.

The package comes with a nice and sturdy case to store the screen when not in use. It also comes handy when transporting the screen from one place to another.

celexon 80' Tripod Projector Screen Ultra Lightweight, 16:9 Format, 11 lbs Weight, Size: 70'' x 39''

Features of the Celexon Tripod Projector Screen

  • 80 inches diagonal size
  • Weighs 10.8 pounds
  • 120 degree angle viewing
  • 0 gain
  • Matte white fabric screen
  • Black-back screen panel
  • Packs into 45 x 8 x 5 inches storage bag (supplied)


  • Screen measures 80 inches without the black border, which is good enough
  • Screen can be installed and taken down in 3 minutes
  • Great quality picture with no wrinkles or creases
  • Low maintenance, can be cleaned with water and mild soap
  • Extremely light weight so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go
  • Offers good value for the money
  • Delivers a good performance as expected.
  • Customer support is friendly and helpful


  • Does not stretch tight enough and can seem a little distorted in areas
  • The screen may twist and turn after a few uses


The Celexon Tripod Projector Screen works perfect for home as well as office. The white matte surface is made from fibreglass and reflects the light uniformly to provide high quality images. The four edges have black borders that enhance contrast and image focus.

The product comes with a nice storage bag for transportation and storage. The package comes with an easy to understand manual that contains instructions on how to install the screen.  The tripod stand is reliable and works fine for an outdoor movie setting.


We compared the Celexon Tripod Projector Screen with the Elite Screens projector screen and we feel the latter comes with some really amazing features that are worth considering. The Elite screen has a detachable stand and it also comes with a two years manufacturer warranty.

The Celexon Tripod Projector Screen does not come with a warranty or detachable stands but it costs nearly half the price of Elite screen. Hence, we feel that the projector screen in review is suitable for those looking for a good quality budget option.


The Celexon Tripod Projector Screen offers brilliant image and video quality. The black border on all four edges enhances the contrast and provides an outstanding home theatre experience. Whether you want to enjoy a cinema night at home, in the backyard or do a business presentation at office, this projector screen comes in handy.

The tripod stand that comes with the screen is easy to install and use, however we wish the height was adjustable. We love that it comes with a nice carry bag where you can store the screen and transport it with ease. Overall, we feel that the Celexon Tripod Projector Screen offers good value for money.

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