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How Far to Sit from a Projector Screen

There is a direct relationship between your projector screen size and the optimum sitting distance. The angle of view from your sitting position is also important. This angle, formed by the sides of the projector screen should be a minimum of 30 degrees according to the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). This […]


How to Adjust Projector Screen Size

It can be very challenging to get the image from your projector to fit perfectly on the projector screen. The problem may range from having the aspect ratio wrong to having a zoom problem on your image. When making presentations, it is desirable to have a full view of your PowerPoint without the dreaded bars […]


Black Projector Screen vs White

Do you want to maximize your viewing experience using projectors and projection screens? The answer is definitely, Yes. Let us assume that you already have a great projector. What then is the criteria in choosing the best projection screen for you? Can you can just hang an old white blanket on the wall and use […]


Projection Screen Material

To get the best quality images on a projection screen, consider the quality of the material used in the screen. Don’t deprive yourself of the experience of great viewing because of poor materials. If you thinking of a making a DIY projection screen consider the following material properties. Various Projection Screen Material First, be sure […]


Projector Screen Size

It is necessary to consider a number of factors before you buy a projector screen. The requirements include your budget, image quality, features, and crispness. One of the vital factors is deciding the size of the screen you need. However, it is not quite easy to determine the right screen size for yourself. Most people […]


How to Clean a Projector Screen

Projector screens are an essential part of our places of work especially when it comes to making project presentations and proposals. They additionally come in handy at home when you are watching a big game or that favorite movie. Just like any other equipment at home or at the office, these screens become dusty and […]

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