Best Projector Stands for Increased Convenience

Best Projector Stands for Increased Convenience
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Video or image projectors are a great tool to help with your presentations. Whether you are planning to use a projector for work, school, or another event, your device needs to be mounted in a raised position. You can achieve this goal by using different tools, and the most popular ones are using a projector stand or mount.

Projector stands are easier to use and set up, as well as can give you increased versatility. With plenty of brands and models available, choosing one might be difficult. Hence, we have reviewed some of the best projectors stands out there, in case you need help making your decision.

Best Projector Stands: The Contenders

1. Pyle Pro PLPTS4 Universal Device Stand

Pyle-Pro Pyle, 28'' to 46'' (PLPTS4)

Pyle Pro PLPTS4 Universal Device Stand features a big surface that can hold any projector, regardless of its size. You can also use it for mounting laptops and DJ equipment. Its multiple uses make it great for studios, stages, classrooms, and conference halls.


This product is foldable and light which makes transportation easy in case you need to make a quick trip from one room to another. It’s made of sturdy metal which guarantees increased durability, so you won’t have to worry about damaging the stand while moving it.

The height of the stand is adjustable starting at 28 inches and can be extended up to 41 inches. Additionally, its regular surface length is 20 inches and width is 16 inches, but you can adjust it up to 21 inches. There are also additional options available for tilting and swiveling the projector, depending on your preferences.

Pyle-Pro Pyle, 28'' to 46'' (PLPTS4)
  • LAPTOP WORKSTATION: The tall laptop desk works well as a portable laptop or a notebook desk workstation for laptops, projectors, sound equipment
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The computer stand for djs was designed for rugged and hard-wearing metal construction. The stand is heavy-duty enough for studio and stage use and the travel between
  • ADJUSTABLE LAPTOP STAND: The heavy duty tripod stand features quick and convenient height adjustments, as well as quick and easy setup
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL: The adjustable projection stand is lightweight, portable and reliable, great for traveling from home to gig to studio. It also rolls and folds completely for easy transportation
  • VERSATILE USE: The DJ laptop stand can be used by musicians, DJs, performers, and engineers. The stand is perfect for on stage or in a studio


  • Can be used as a portable laptop desk or a DJ table
  • Adjustable size and angle
  • Very easy to carry around
  • Made of strong material


  • Some customers report bad product state upon delivery


This is a sturdy stand that can be moved easily and safely from one place to another. It has excellent adjustment capabilities and multiple uses, such as a portable workstation or a stage performance tool. Furthermore, it’s one of the cheapest options on the market.

2. VANKYO Aluminum Tripod Stand

VANKYO Aluminum Tripod Projector Stand, Adjustable Laptop Stand, Multi-Function Stand, Computer Stand Adjustable Height 17'' to 46'' for Laptop with Plate and Carrying Bag (1-Silver)

If you’re looking for a projector or laptop stand that is both durable and inexpensive, VANKYO Aluminum Tripod Stand is the right thing for you.


The plate size is 15.3 x 11.4 inches, which makes it capable of holding almost all projectors and laptops out there. It can also be used for photography or different mixer tools if you’re into music and arts. The height is adjustable, and it starts at 17 inches, going all the way up to 46 inches. This makes it the highest extending product on our list, which might be relevant for your specific needs.

It’s made of metal and aluminum alloy with a very clear instruction manual that customers are satisfied with. This projector stand is easy to assemble and transport after disassembly. The package also includes a storage bag that is tailored specifically for this projector stand and will further help the transportation process.

VANKYO Aluminum Tripod Projector Stand, Adjustable Laptop Stand, Multi-Function Stand, Computer Stand Adjustable Height 17'' to 46'' for Laptop with Plate and Carrying Bag (1-Silver)
  • MULT-FUNCTION STAND: The tripod stand can be used for Projectors / Laptop /Pad /Photography and so on. And it also fits for different situations, including Home theater, Business meeting etc.
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: You can adjust the stand to any height you want. It can be adjusted from 17"to 45.6", While the size of the plate is 15.3" x11.4".
  • DURABLE & NON-SLIP: Rugged & Durable Metal Construction, solid and strong, with non-slip pads and straps, which provides a non-slip platform for increasing stability.
  • SETUP EASILY: The projector tripod stand is made from Aluminum Alloy, it can be coupled easily and effortlessly.
  • PORTABLE: The stand is lightweight and the package includes a storage bag, which can help you to carry and store the stand easily.


  • Longest extension range on the market
  • Easy to set up and disassemble
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Free bag for safe and easy transportation


  • Very lightweight which makes it feel flimsy


This is another excellent option for those with a tight budget. This projector stand offers a higher extension range and a free bag but is less sturdy and very lightweight as compared to competitors.

3. Visual Apex Table Stand

Visual Apex Portable Projector Table Stand with Shelf & Projector Carry Bag, Adjustable 18.5” to 44” high

The Visual Apex Table Stand has a unique design that helps it meet the need of all kinds of customers. It’s definitely one of the best projector stands that you will be able to find on the market.


This stand offers a decent amount of flexibility and sturdiness compared to its price. Although it is a bit more expensive than the other choices, it makes up for it with the superior quality.

The table top surface is 15 inches long and 17.5 inches wide, and it’s guaranteed to support devices weighing up to 44 pounds.  It also features four detachable legs that can be retracted and adjusted at different heights.

Those legs start at 18.5 inches and can go up to 44 inches. Combined with the swivel features, this makes this product one of the most versatile ones on the market.

Below the main surface board, there is another shelf that is a bit smaller. It can be used to place different tools and accessories like your phone, key, or glasses. This secondary shelf isn’t relevant for projections, but it’s a nice addition.

A carry bag is supplied for use with this projector stand. This sturdy bag comes with a shoulder strap and even has a compartment available for your projector.

Visual Apex Portable Projector Table Stand with Shelf & Projector Carry Bag, Adjustable 18.5” to 44” high
  • NEW Projector Stand - compact and versatile design for Projector Presentations to Backyard Movies. All the pieces are stored inside its own table top!
  • The included sturdy carry bag with shoulder strap extends to also hold a portable projector, the stand, and your accessories for easy transport.
  • Height adjustable quick lock legs, adjust from 18.5" to 44" high and each leg can be individually adjusted for uneven ground surfaces!
  • Table top is 15" x 17.5". Accessory shelf is also included (12.5" x 12.5"), Legs have numbered line increments for easy height adjustments. Supports up to 44lbs of total weight. Actual product weighs less than 9 lbs.
  • Watch Projector Stand videos on the manufacturers website! Important Tip - Please use included hex wrench to tighten screws in the leg clamp, if necessary. This will prevent the telescoping leg to move when locked.


  • Adjustable and detachable legs
  • Easy-to-access and useful second shelf
  • Sturdy design that guarantees to hold all devices that aren’t heavier than 44 pounds
  • Carry bag included in purchase


  • More expensive than most competitor products


The Visual Apex Table Stand is the best projector stand for you if you’re willing to dish out some extra cash. The adjustable height and tilt options are a nice addition if you are planning to use this product for photography. It’s also easy to assemble and offers multiple options when it comes to positioning.

The Final Verdict

Those were some of the best options on the market when it comes to projector stands. Each of the reviewed products has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it will prove useful to different customers depending on their preferences.

The first two options, Pyle and VANKYO, are less expensive, and they are a great choice if you are looking to buy one of the best projector stands without spending too much money. They are similarly built, but they have some key differences. Pyle Pro PLPTS4 Universal Device Stand has a bigger surface board and offers a better extension range, while the VANKYO Aluminum Tripod Stand is a bit sturdier, and you will receive a free projector stand bag if you make the purchase.

The overall winner is the Visual Apex Table Stand. The only downside of this projector stand is its price, but the quality of the product easily makes up for the expense. It features four legs for additional stability, which is a great addition compared to the similar products on the market that are mostly tripods.

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