Best Projector Screens for the Money of 2018

Best Projector Screens for the Money
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When it comes to purchasing projector screens, there’s a lot that you want to take into consideration, especially when you’re seeking the best projector screens for the money. If you don’t know much about these coveted displays, it’s best to do some research before you buy just any screen to binge watch your favorite Netflix show. Whether you’re looking for a new projector screen to build yourself a home theater, or you’re looking for something to bring interactivity to your conference room, knowing what to look for is vital.

While you’re still going to need to purchase the actual projector separately, we did some research and tested out three fantastic displays. We looked at their key features, as well as pros and cons to come up with a final judgment on the screen that we think is going to get you the most for your money.

Best Projector Screens for the Money

1. ShowMaven 100-Inch 16:9 HD Projector Screen

ShowMaven 100 inch 16:9 HD Projector Screen, Matte White Home Theater Education Office Presentation Manual Pull Down Projection Screen for Indoor Wall or Ceiling Mounting

The 300D matte white fabric used in the construction of this screen allows it to project crisp and clear images, while the black back assists with preventing light penetration. The design includes a 160-degree viewing angle and 1.3 gain that helps with absorbing over-light and maintains the quality of the picture from all aspects. In addition, the lightweight and durable metal case, plus the included hook set provide multiple installation options, while the self-lock feature secures the adjusted screen height in place.


  • Suited for mid-sized and large areas
  • Wall and ceiling mounting options
  • Adjustable height and aspect ratio
  • Easy to clean, assemble, and install
  • Comes with a scratch-resistant case


  • Points of contact at the back are made of hard plastic
  • Pull-down spring can stick in place


Made with a unique type of fabric plus its wide viewing angle, the ShowMaven Projector Screen is an absolute stunner for the money spent on it.

2. Kolife 100-Inch 16:9 HD Projector Screen

100 Inch Projector Screen with Free Hooks, HD 16:9 Portable Foldable Indoor Outdoor Movie Screen, 2 lbs Only

The Kolife 100-Inch 16:9 HD Projector Screen is a foldable display that is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around and set up. The wide viewing angle makes it the perfect choice to use at home as your own theater, or in the classroom and conference room for presentations, or even for public events and backyard movie nights.

Kolife made their display with a tear-resistant, acid-resistant, and anti-yellowing textile that has a 1.1 gain. This is also designed in a way that you can safely wash it with cold water to remove accumulated dirt and iron it on low heat setting to assist with eliminating wrinkles. Equipped with multiple grommets, hooks, ropes, double-sided tape, and more can be used to mount this.


  • Portable
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Convenient and easy-to-follow instructions
  • Easy to hang or install
  • Very affordable


  • Requires a lot of time to make it wrinkle-free
  • Image projected can be distorted at certain angles
  • See-through display once hit with the light of a projector


This projector screen from Kolife is an extremely convenient and cost-efficient product that will surely be loved by gamers, presenters, and movie buffs.

3. Joyhero 100-Inch 16:9 HD Portable Projector Screen

100-Inch outdoor Projector Screen PVC Fabric,16:9 Portable HD Home Theater High Brightness Projector Screen - Suitable for HDTV/Sports/Movies/Presentations (100 inch)

While we were seeking out affordable displays, we came across this Joyhero gem. This lightweight, one-piece, and compact projector screen provides a viewing experience without flickering. It has a 160-degree viewing angle that makes the quality of the images the same regardless of where you are. Additionally, the black and white materials used to construct the display prevent any bleeding of light, which further enhances picture quality.

The composite resin material used aids in ensuring that the fabric doesn’t turn yellow and provides a surface that won’t deform. With over 30 grommets installed, hanging this screen will be quick and easy, while the included carrying bag makes it simple to roll up and bring it anywhere.


  • Can view the image from either side of the screen
  • Convenient to mount
  • Easy to carry around
  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Helpful customer service
  • Colors are bright
  • Images are very clear


  • Lots of wrinkles that are difficult to iron out
  • Difficult to pull it tight to avoid rippling of the screen material
  • Grommets are of poor quality


This product stands out among the competition because of the high number of grommets, which allows it to be installed anywhere, both in portrait and landscape orientations, without worrying about positioning it perfectly.


It’s entirely possible not to spend hundreds of dollars on a projection screen to go with your projector; you just need to know where to look. The models we carefully evaluated above are truly three of the best projector screens for the money since they are made of quality materials, have a large size, and great aspect ratio. Of course, each one will meet different needs and wants.

Since budget is usually the main concern, both the screens from Joyhero and Kolife are the top choices. Both of them are highly portable, but between the two, when it comes to ease of maintenance and durability, the Kolife Projector Screen is a better pick.

On the other hand, if you do not mind adding more dollars to your budget, and you want one that can be installed permanently and can be rolled up to keep it clean, then the ShowMaven Projector Screen is perfect for you.


Although we may differ in needs and budget, we still need to pick one that is truly worth your money in many aspects and to do so, we spent our time carefully looking at everything that each of these projection displays has to offer. We judged things such as color, brightness, viewing angle, installation, over-light, and more.

In our opinion, the best projection screen for your money is going to be the ShowMaven 100-Inch 16:9 HD Projector Screen. While the ShowMaven display does have a couple of cons and you do need to be careful when pulling it down, the several positive features make up for it.

Overall, this is a reliable and adjustable screen for home, classroom, and office that we happen to think you won’t be disappointed as it will last longer than other similarly priced models.

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