Best Projector Mounts for Homes and Offices

Best Projector Mounts for Homes and Offices
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If you have the task of setting up a meeting room for your company or you are making a home theater, a projector mount is an asset you need. High-quality or the best projector mounts should be easy to install, strong enough to endure any amount of weight, and sufficiently versatile to be able to hold various types of electronic devices.

However, before deciding which projector mount to buy, you should gather as much information as possible, for example knowing how you can adjust the image positioning is very important. That said, we have compiled a list with some great choices while presenting you with all of the relevant details.

Best Projector Mounts: Our Three Recommendations

1. Cheetah Mounts Universal Projector Mount

Cheetah Mounts APMEB Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Includes a 27' Adjustable Extension Pole and a Twisted Veins 15' HDMI Cable

The Cheetah Mounts Universal Projector Mount comes with four adjustable arms. These have a slot cut in them (as opposed to holes) which can allows for exact positioning when connecting the projector to the mount. In common with other ceiling mounts these arms do not fit flush to the projector. The ends of the arms are at 90 degrees, this provides an air gap so that the projector can vent the heat built up inside it to the outside air. Additionally, if you need to mount your projector on a vaulted ceiling, this is probably the best pick for you as it is capable of doing this.

The seven-inch extension pole is adjustable, and the maximum possible extension it offers is 27” which makes it a product which has one of the longest reaches in the industry. A benefit of the hollow extension pole is that cables can be run inside it to give the installation a neat appearance.

Also featured is a safety cable that serves a double purpose. The cable can help during installation and afterward when the projector is installed it acts as a back up should the projector mount become detached from the ceiling.

The Cheetah Mounts Universal Projector Mount has a massive weight capacity of 65 pounds.

Cheetah Mounts APMEB Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Includes a 27" Adjustable Extension Pole and a Twisted Veins 15' HDMI Cable
  • Universal Design with Four Adjustable Arms: The arms are fully adjustable to fit virtually any projector. By default, the mount comes with longer arms pre attached. However, there are smaller arms also included for smaller mounting patterns. For compact projectors and projectors with extremely small mounting patterns, the arms can be detached and inverted inwards. The arms are also removable for projectors that have less than 4 mounting points.
  • Vaulted Ceiling Plate: The APMEB is designed so it may be used with vaulted ceilings
  • 7" Low Profile and Optional Adjustable Extension Pole: The APMEB is ideal for low profile mounting as well as setups that require an extension pole. The profile is 7" without the extension. With the extension, the profile has an adjustable range of 18.75-27".
  • Safety Cable: Attach the projector to the mount with the metal tether for added security during installation. The cable may also be used as an extra element of security once the projector is mounted.
  • Cable Management: The center of the ceiling plate is stamped out to allow cables to pass through for a clean and sleek cable management system.


  • Works with virtually any projector available on the market
  • Features a reach height that surpasses most competitor products
  • Designed to fit vaulted ceilings
  • The center plate can hold cables neatly.
  • Easy to clean
  • Comprehensive installation instructions


  • The instruction manual mentions the wrong bolt size when drilling holes for setup.
  • 15-foot HDMI cable you get with the projector mount isn’t compatible with all devices


The Cheetah Mounts Universal Projector Mount is a sturdy projector mount that can hold various projectors with ease by using its four adjustable arms. It’s also pretty secure to set up thanks to the safety cable and the fact that it has no sharp edges. Additionally, it makes cable management easy thanks to the design of its center plate and extension pole.

2. Mount Factory Universal Ceiling Projector Mount

Mount Factory Universal Low Profile Ceiling Projector Mount - White

With dimensions smaller than those of other projector mounts on the market, the Mount Factory Universal Ceiling Projector Mount is lightweight but sturdy. It offers a durable metal construction that can hold most projectors up to 30 pounds.

This premium projector mount is low profile and saves a lot of space which makes it ideal for smaller offices and rooms. The base is equipped with hooks that are easy to use and provide complete safety as long as you keep within the recommended weight limits.

What separates this product from the rest on this list is the incredible amount of adjustment that it offers. It features dynamic 360-degree rotation and a +15 to -15 tilt that will allow you to explore a variety of angles.

Mount Factory Universal Low Profile Ceiling Projector Mount - White
  • Universal mounting pattern and compatability for most projectors
  • Sturdy steel frame; rated for projectors up to 30 pounds
  • Space saving ceiling mount
  • Fully adjustable: side shift, pitch, roll, rotate, and quick disconnect
  • Simple secure installation


  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable
  • Presents users with multiple options
  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • 12″ arm reach


  • Only supports projectors weighing up to 30 pounds.
  • Customers report that bolts need to be re-secured every now and then
  • Unclear instruction manual


The Mount Factory Universal Ceiling Projector Mount is a small and reliable projector mount that can hold all projectors available on the market which weigh under 30 pounds. It has more options than the competition, as it allows 360-degree rotation and customized tilts. It’s a great fit if you’re planning projections in a small office space or a home setting.

3. VIVO Universal Extending Ceiling Projector Mount

VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount/Height Adjustable Projection (MOUNT-VP02W)

The most popular option on our list is the VIVO Universal Extending Ceiling Projector Mount. It’s made from solid steel, and it’s definitely one of the toughest, most durable, projector mounts out there.

This mount can hold projectors up to 30 pounds of weight, and it fits almost all available devices. The mounting system will keep your projector only six inches away from the ceiling, and it works in different office spaces.

It’s even possible to perform height adjustment, just use the extension switch, and the projector can drop down to 23” away from the ceiling. Additionally, while using this mount, it’s possible to rotate your projector up to 360 degrees from left to the right. It also features a 15-degree swivel and tilts for personalized projection angles.

VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount/Height Adjustable Projection (MOUNT-VP02W)
  • UNIVERSAL MOUNTING fitting the majority of projectors on the market. Distance between mounting holes on back of projector must be 12.5" diagonally or less
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION made entirely of high grade steel, supporting projectors up to 30 lbs
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE with 15-degree tilt, 15-degree swivel, and 360-degree rotation, hitting all the right viewing angles
  • TELESCOPING HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT mounting system extends your projector from 15" to 23" from the ceiling surface
  • EASY INSTALLATION with quick release hooks that attach and detach by tightening and loosening mounting bolts


  • More durable than most competitor products
  • Adjustable height using a simple switch
  • 360-degree rotation, bolstered by 15-degree swivel and tilt option
  • Height adjustment starting at 6” up to 15 through 23”


  • Limited to 30-pound projector weight
  • Customers report difficulties while assembling


The VIVO Universal Extending Ceiling Projector Mount is arguably one of the most durable ones on the market. It features four arms that can hold projectors with up to 30 pounds of weight. It offers more options, including an extension lever, and that makes it the go-to option if your primary goal is versatility.

The Final Verdict

We have presented you with three of the best projector mount options, but their usefulness to you will depend on your situation.

If we looked at the all-around stats, we could say that VIVO Universal Extending White Ceiling Projector Mount is the safest option in its price range. Compared to the other choices, it’s sturdier, and it offers the most options, thanks to the advanced rotation, swivel and tilt capabilities.

If you’re planning on displaying projections using a big and heavy projector, you should opt for the first product, which is the Cheetah Mounts Universal Projector Mount. Its massive size may not be best suited for confined spaces, but it will be great for projection in big halls as well as for holding heavy projectors.

On the other hand, if your main concern is saving space, then you should choose option number two, which is the Mount Factory Universal Ceiling Projector Mount. It has the most compact dimensions out of our choices, so it’s great for when screen projection takes place in smaller offices or rooms.

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