Best Motorized Projector Screen

Best Motorized Projector Screen
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Deciding what kind of projector screen you need is every bit as important as choosing the projector itself. While it might not include quite so many technical requirements or considerations, there is still plenty of choice in the screen category and you need to consider where you’re predominantly going to be doing your viewing, why and how often.

Will it be a permanent feature in a dedicated cinematic room for example, or be frequently rolled away out of sight to save you space? In particular, the amount of indoor room you have available is quite likely to be your first major concern, followed then by mounting options. A screen will most often be placed in a rigid style frame so that it can be permanently attached or mounted to a wall or ceiling.

You might need a roll-up version or even something altogether more portable. So, first things first, decide what it is and where you need your projector screen. Assuming then that you have both the budget and the space for a motorized version, let’s delve in and review 3 specific models and compare their key features and benefits. 

Best Choice Motorized Projection Screen

If it is un-comprising, bright, crisp HD colored features, a beautiful 100-inch display on a stylish white matte screen, masked on all four sides with black for optimum high gain that you are looking for, step forward the Best Choice screen. This is a gem of a screen which will look just as perfect in your home theatre as it will take pride of place in a professional environment. Not only that but it is lightweight, easy to mount and comes with an anti-static screen which makes it a superb choice.

Best Choice Products Motorized Electric Auto HD Projection Screen, 100-Inch, 4:3 Display


Featuring a quiet and extremely smooth motorized mechanism with a remote control, operating this Best Choice screen really could not be easier. It comes with a generous 100-inch 4:3 display ensuring that you get perfectly crisp and clear display resolution whether it’s Disney you are watching or an action-packed thrills and spills adventure movie.

With its sensational 1:3 high gain you can rest assured that you will always get bright lit imagery, no matter what your surroundings. The black backing is a very important feature too as an off-set against the white matte screen; this helps to further enhance the clarity of the images on display.


  • Anti-acid and anti-static fabric protect
  • Easy clean surface – no dust, no mildew
  • Dynamic display with 4-side black border
  • 1:3 high gain screen for perfectly bright resolution
  • Fully motorized, quiet and smooth operation
  • Perfect for home, business or education


  • Mounting it in place could require two sets of hands


Literally plug and play out of the box for superb, sharp quality 4:3 image. Quiet motorized operation and fantastic 1.3 high gain screen for exceptional color clarity make this a fantastic budget-friendly choice.

Vivo 100-inch Motorized Projector Screen

This is another fabulous example of a 100-inch fully motorized 4:3 aspect ratio screen that also comes complete with battery operated remote control for superb ease of use. Featuring a durable but at the same time stylish container, you can quickly and discreetly stow away the projector screen whenever it’s not in use.

VIVO 100' Electric Projector Screen, Motorized, Auto Remote 4:3 Projection Mount 80' x 60' (PS-E-100V)


Comes with a high quality 4:3 canvas screen that delivers an exceptional viewing experience whatever your environment. It is manufactured with a sturdy, well-constructed, but also discreet housing enclosure into which the screen quietly and smoothly retracts. This ensures that if you are short on space, you can quickly and easily reclaim your wall.

The fully motorized mechanism means that you can simply lower the screen literally at the touch of button. It also gives you the flexibility to stop it at whatever length of extension you require, then simply press a button again to discreetly retract when not in use.


  • Highly durable yet discreet metal casing for either wall or ceiling installation
  • 1:1 gain with black backing for enhanced light absorption
  • Easy to adjust motorized up/down with remote control operation
  • Universal adaptability with most LED, LCD or DLP projectors
  • Can be easily wiped clean


  • Retraction slightly on the slow side
  • Requires an amount of DIY skill to assemble
  • Smells a bit of plastic when initially opened


This projector is sturdy, well-constructed and reliable. It has fully motorized operation which will leave you in complete control of your screen height set-up.

Elite Screens Spectrum2 110-inch Motorized Projector Screen

This is a sensational screen with a generous 110-inch display in 16:9 aspect ratio and complete with easy to operate electrically operated motorized drop-down functionality. It has a superb fiber glass backing and an amazing 180-degree wide viewing angle. These features are reflected in its more expensive price point but when it comes to style and substance this Spectrum2 screen really does pack a powerful viewing punch.

What’s more, it ships fully assembled so all you have to worry about is unboxing it and you are literally ready to plug and play. With its floating mount brackets and streamlined aluminum casing, they really have thought of everything when it comes to the design features.

Let’s delve into some of the features that make this such a great option.

Elite Screens Spectrum2, 110-inch 16:9, 12-inch Drop, Electric Motorized Drop Down Projection Projector Screen, SPM110H-E12


You get a 3-way integrated control switch for easy operation and just in case you do run into any problems, the manufacturer offers lifetime tech support absolutely free. How’s that for after service? The height is fully adjustable and can be stopped at any time allowing you to set it to the optimum for your viewing environment.

It has a MaxWhite fiberglass screen which, alongside a fiberglass backing, gives it great rigidity and robustness and creates an optimum surface. The black backing prevents any unwanted light penetration or reflection. What this means is that you will truly have a screen that delivers exceptional color contrast and quality.

Let’s also give a special mention to the overall design of the Spectrum2 screen which really will make a stylish statement and enhance any home environment where you chose to install it.


  • Silent, synchronous easy to control motor
  • Brilliant white enamel coating which is moisture and mildew resistant
  • MaxWhite fiberglass projection surface
  • 180-degree superb viewing surface
  • 4k Ultra HD and Active 3D projection ready
  • Ships fully assembled, ready to plug and play
  • Effortlessly mounts to either your wall or ceiling


  • Due to its design, size and installation it isn’t portable
  • Will require two people to complete the mounting process
  • Not compatible with some ultra/short-throw style projectors


For superb quality, design innovation, plug and play ready installation and its 4K Ultra HD, HDR and Active 3D ready capabilities, this motorized projector really can’t be beat. While it’s not the cheapest on the market, given its overall features and benefits, it does still represent great value for money.


When it comes to quality, functionality and also future proofing your viewing experience, the Elite Screens Spectrum 2 really is a winner. While the other two screens are perfectly adequate, they’re both 4:3 displays not 16:9 and this has the largest wide angle viewing at 180 degrees plus it’s also 4K Ultra HD ready. That said, the Best Choice screen has a fantastic 1:3 high gain giving it super clarity and the Vivo is also very easy to operate.


Really it comes down to your budget and also how important the design of the projector screen is. The great thing overall about motorized projector screens as that they are incredibly user friendly, can be discreetly fitted and mounted, and offer a fabulous cinematic style viewing experience.

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