BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE) Review

BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE) Review
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If you’ve been thinking about making the transition from a regular home entertainment system to a more modern setup, such as a projector, you should really look into the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE). Not only is it the ideal partner for commercial and residential offices, but home theater rooms as well. With its assortment of features and ease of use, it can easily transform the way you experience movies and TV shows.

BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE)

BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE), DLP, 3300 Lumens, 15,000:1 Contrast, Dual HDMI, 10,000hrs Lamp Life, 71'@7.8ft, 1.2X Zoom, 1280x800


Compared to other projectors on the market, this model has a more modern and sleek appearance, as it’s typically used inside of business offices, though this also makes it the ideal choice for at-home entertainment. Unlike other projectors that are rated for streaming media only, the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE) can be used for everything ranging from slideshow presentations to watching high-quality videos.

You can guarantee that you’ll be able to easily reap the benefits of this projector as it’s designed to be user-friendly and includes all the most recent advances in home entertainment such as multiple connectivity options and the opportunity to switch between regular and eco-friendly energy consumption.

Who Is This Projector Meant For?

Anyone who has ever wanted to replace their existing projector for a more advanced model will benefit from the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE) because it has almost everything that you’d expect a high-end projector to have, but at an affordable cost.

What makes this device so unique is that it’s not only incredibly useful for homes, but it can also be used in the office, especially if you’re trying to transition from a paper to a digital-only business setup. Additionally, you can also run the projector in an eco-friendly mode to help limit its level of energy consumption.

First-time projector owners will appreciate the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE)’s modern appearance, easy-to-use functions, and menu options that help you to fine-tune the specifications of the projector for optimal viewing. It’s a highly adaptable device that gives you everything that you’d need to make the most out of weekend family movie nights.

Unboxing the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE)

Ideally, when you purchase electronics, you’ll want to make sure that they’re ready to use right out of the box. However, the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE) does not come with the majority of cables that you’ll need, such as an HDMI cable. That being said, there are a couple of additional accessories you’ll receive such a remote control with battery, a user manual CD, a regional power cord, a quick start guide, and a VGA cable.

BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE), DLP, 3300 Lumens, 15,000:1 Contrast, Dual HDMI, 10,000hrs Lamp Life, 71"@7.8ft, 1.2X Zoom, 1280x800
  • Brilliant image performance: 3300 ANSI Lumen High brightness delivers stunning display presentations
  • Catch every detail: 15, 000: 1 High Native contrast Ratio ensures crisp readability
  • Multiple connectivity: dual HDMI inputs provides multi-platform and expanded connectivity,Power Supply:AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Easy and hassle-free: simple setup, intuitive operation, and hassle-free maintenance
  • Eco-friendly low total cost of Ownership. Noise Level‎-32/29 dBA (Normal/Economic mode) ‎

Overview of Features

Prior to deciding whether the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE) is the right projector for you and your family, it’s important to take note of its features.

  • Clear Imagery

With this device, all the media that you stream through it will have crystal-clear imagery with a contrast ratio of 15,000:1. The lamp is rated at 3,300 lumens It also offers a brightness boost for sharper and easier to read images. You’ll even find that when you’re using this projector in a well-lit room, the media will be easy to read.

  • Enhanced DLP Technology

For an even better viewing experience, the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE) is equipped with enhanced DLP technology which assists with smooth transitions and excellent readability for all your meeting presentations.

  • High-Resolution Display

Regardless if you’re projecting a movie or a presentation onto a wall or a projector screen, the WXGA 1280×800 resolution with a 16:10 aspect ratio helps to make sure that the images remain clear and focused when projected far away or closer to the surface.

  • Multiple Inputs

The good thing about this projector is that you have complete control over the type of media that you use for it as it’s equipped with dual HDMI ports and dual VGA ports.

  • Eco-Friendly Power Consumption

When you begin cycling through the menu, you’ll notice that there is an energy saving mode. This enables you to view media with the same sharp imagery but at a far less expensive cost. The unit will also automatically power down after it is not in use, helping to reduce its energy consumption.

  • Low-Noise Fan

Compared to other projectors on the market, the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE) has a very low-noise fan that you can only hear if the entire room is silent. It’s rated at -32/29 dBA, which is ideal for you to enjoy movies without any distracting ambient sounds.

Recommendation for accessory to use with the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE)

For you to get the best use from the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE), it is recommended that external speakers are used as the audio produced by this projector is a little on the low side. Audio outputs are available for external speaker connection.


The BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE) is excellent for viewing traditional media, but if you’re interested in a more robust projector, you might want to consider the BenQ DLP Video Projector (MX525), as it also supports 3D viewing.

Another difference between the two models is that the MX525 comes equipped with a longer lamp life (10,000 hours), and it has a 13,000:1 contrast ratio, which makes all projected images far crisper.

With that being said, the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE) has more HDMI ports (two versus one), which may be preferable depending on the devices you use to stream your content.


When it comes to home electronics, versatility is one of the most important things you should look out for. With the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE), you’ll not only have a reliable projector for at-home family use, but it’s phenomenal for commercial purposes as well. This way, you won’t have to worry about buying a second projector for meetings and client lunches since you can easily pack up your existing projector.

There are plenty of things you’re sure to love about the BenQ WXGA Business Projector (MW526AE), ranging from its crystal-clear imagery to its high contrast ratio, giving you an optimal viewing experience that is similar to a traditional LED TV. Also, its user-friendly features make it the perfect choice for first-time projector owners who are interested in experiencing the extraordinary quality of an affordable yet high-end projector.

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